We offer remedies for these issues and others, and also create custom formulas.

The products are in several forms: teas, salves, lotions, sprays and powders.

Teas can be packaged as capsules if desired.


Adrenal/Support                                                                                                                                                                             Muscle Spasm Calm 

Allergy/Asthma Relief                                     Digestive Comfort                                     Kidney Health                                    Out of the Dumps

Blood/Lymph Cleanser                                      Everyday Mix                                             Liver Tonic                                        Sinus Decongestant

Brain Stimulant                                                Give Peace a Chance                                   Lung Toner                                        Sweet Dreams                     

Cold/Flu Relief                                                 Headache/Migraine Relief                        Male Energy Booster                        Time for a Change

Cough/Throat Soother                                     Immune Tonic                                            Mother's Milk Support                      Women's Cycle Tonic

De-frazzle your Nerves                                   Intestinal Support                                    Motion Sickness Relief                     Women's Energy Booster

Other Items    

Antifungal Powder                                                                                                                                                                                     Nerve Healing Lotion

Antifungal Salve                                                                            Herbal Sunscreen                                                                            Sinus Congestion Salve

Bath Salts                                                                                    Immune Boost Syrup                                                                               Skin Healing Lotion

Edible Weeds Workshop Handout                                           Joint/Muscle Relief Lotion                                                                   Spicy Insect Repellent

Flowery Insect Repellent                                                        Joint/Muscle Relief Salve                                                                       Sweet Dreams Salve

Garden Planning Workshop Handout                              Medicinal Balms & Salves Workshop Handout                                                  Throat Soother Syrup

Headache/Migraine Salve                                                        Muscle Spasm Relief Lotion                                                                          Wound Heal Salve